Experiential Success: The Weeknd “Starboy” Installation

On Black Friday 2016, shoppers along Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame got a treat.

No, it wasn’t another sale or discount.

It was a live experiential stunt for The Weeknd’s third album, “Starboy.”

Complete with a beaten up car, music, a giant, glowing lightning bolt and plenty of selfie fodder, the activation generated social media buzz up and down the street—and across the world.

And it worked, too.

All the attention helped “Starboy” rocket to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts just days later—amidst one of the busiest music release seasons of the year. The album even clocked in as the third-largest record debut of 2016.

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“Starboy” Experience Details

  • What: A live social media stunt and experiential activation featuring a 1985 Lincoln Town Car impaled by Starboy’s iconic lightning bolt, music from the new album, smoke, lighting and other special effects
  • Why: To promote The Weeknd’s third studio album, “Starboy”
  • Who: The Weeknd / Republic Records
  • Where: Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center, Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles
  • When: Nov. 25-28, 2016


Thanks to the jaw-dropping visuals and on-site stickers that encouraged use of the #Starboy and #TheWeeknd hashtags, the Starboy experience saw huge social uplift. Nearly 150K OOHA/Wilkins Media fans liked images of the event on Instagram, and another 590K viewed video footage of the activation in progress. An estimated 300,000 total customers encountered the stunt over the three-day period, and the event saw news coverage from Billboard, Hollywood Insider and more.

“Starboy” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, brought in nearly 350,000 album sales during the first week and took the crown for third-highest selling debut of the year.

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